Thames Valley Motorcycle Lodge No.9885

2023-08 Compton Abass Memorial Ride & 10th Anniversary

Sunday August 6th 

The Thames Valley Motorcycle Lodge had one of its Monthly ride-outs on the 6th of August. This was a special occasion for 2 reasons.

2023 08 06 01 map crop 2023 08 06 04 10th

Firstly we were celebrating 10yrs since the founding of the Lodge, and to mark the occasion we decided to take a few photos of some of our bikes in a “10 formation” It was also interesting to note that many of the bikers in this photo are also in the photo of the bikes gathered for our Consecration.

0080CThe second occasion was that this was our annual ride out in memory of Bro David Angus.

Dave Angus RIPDaveAngusRIP2.jpg



David was a Founder Member and was very active not only in the Lodge but socially as well, joining us on many ride-outs and trips including the trips to Spain. His favorite local ride, which he would normally lead, was to Compton Abbas Airfield. So this naturally is where we headed.

2023 08 06 05 10thflat




The majority of us, appropriately 14, started of meeting at Sindlesham, where we posed for the “10” photo. We then headed to Hungerford where we stopped for coffee and were joined by a few more from the West. We then took a leisurely ride to Compton Abbas, via Burbage, Tidworth, Salisbury, and Branford Forum. With only a small bit of rainfall, thanks to some excellent diversion routes by the leader (well to be honest I took a wrong turn and the rain followed 😁). It was a lovely sunny day if a little windy, but nice enough for us all to have a nice break watching the light aircraft take off and land in the tricky conditions.

 As usual, the ride was attended not only by members of the lodge but other masons and non-masons, so please feel free to join us next time. We tend to ride at a fairly leisurely pace so as to stick together and normally plan a route that allows riders to leave or join it as their schedule and time allows.


The next ride, September 3rd weather permitting, is out to Doms Cafe just outside Leominster.

Report by Marcus

2023-07 We're Sponsors!

Sponsorship of Bethany Ashby

At our meeting in July 2023, the Lodge agreed to Sponsor Bethany Ashby, a pre-teen young lady, whose overriding ambition is the compete in the British Superbikes! That's an ambition we can all get behind, but we want her to do it safely and so we are helping towards the costs of her safety gear.

20230831TVMLCheque crop 20230831TVMLCheque2+mum


2019-12 December Ride Out

Sunday December 8th on Reading Toy Run

The Reading Toy Run in support of the Barnardo’s Christmas Appeal happened on Sunday 9th December and a contingent of 15 Berkshire Freemasons mostly from TVML helped marshal the event.

The Toy Run, which is in its 34th year, attracts up to 1,500 riders from all over the country and is holder of the Guinness Record for the world’s largest toy run. The route runs from the Wood plc building, formerly Foster Wheeler, to High Close School in Wokingham and requires around 160 marshals to assist in the road closure. Many thousands of spectators line the route and it has become an eagerly anticipated event in the area.

2019 12 08 ToyRunThe run supports the Barnardo’s organisation, and results in many thousands of toys being donated which are distributed throughout the UK as gifts for the children, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.

The Berkshire chaps were joined by a substantial contingent from the Buckinghamshire Province.

Steve Harris, the Chief Marshal and a member of Sons of Kendrick No. 8362 said: “It was a good turnout from Berkshire Freemasons and their help was greatly appreciated.”

Ian Hopgood, IPM, said: “It was a wonderful day, very well supported by Freemasons from Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and the event will make a significant difference to Christmas for 100’s of children.”

2019-10 October Ride Out

Sunday Ocotber 6th to Devil's Punchbowl, Hindhead

Report and or photos awaited....

2019-10 October Ride Out

October 3rd-7th to Teba, Spain

Back in 2015 whilst at the West Kent Motorcycle Lodge consecration in Kent, I was convinced by other Thames Valley Motorcycle Lodge (TVML) brethren that I should join them on one of their regular bike trips to Teba in the Andalusian mountains north-west of Malaga.

Ten of us subsequently travelled to Mark and Lindsay Coma’s villa in Teba in October 2015 for an awesome 5 days riding BMWs and Triumphs in the mountains, through beautiful valleys and down to the coast.

On returning home, I made a promise that when I became Master in 2019 I would return to Teba with the Lodge for another ‘Ride-Out’. And so it happened. This this year from 3rd – 7th October, 6 brethren went to Teba: WBro Clive Hitchen, WBro Marcus Hilsdon, WBro Andy White, Bro Andrew White, WBro Ian Hopgood and WBro Bob Hopgood (Ashdown Lodge).

2019 10 03 01After an uneventful flight, landing in Malaga at around midday, we were picked and taken the 70km to Teba, settled in to the villa, chose our motorbikes for our 1st ride-out and had a very challenging ride on some seriously twisty mountain roads (I do so hate downhill hairpin bends) to Serratto, El Burgo, Yunquara, Pizarra, and back via Alora and Ardales.

That evening it was up to Teba town for some well-deserved food and drink with the locals.

Friday morning arrived with Mark’s wife Lindsey making us the now traditional bacon and egg baps before a ride to Ronda, and then onto the wonderful fast twisty road to Gaucin and on to Arcus de la Frontera. We wound our way up through the narrow streets to the stunning viewpoint. There we had a lovely Tapas lunch, before riding back via the very scenic A372 through El Bosque and Grazalema.

2019 10 03 02


Friday evening it was up to Teba town for another round of drinks (and food of course). This is where the ‘Where’s Wally?’ or more accurately “Where’s Ian?” conversation stared on TVML’s WhatsApp group. We all thought Ian Hopgood would be one who would make it to Teba this year.

Later that Friday evening who should stroll around the corner of the bar in Teba town with a big grin on his face, none other than Ian?

His plans had changed back home and he decided to book a late flight for Friday to join us for the weekend. Then there were 6!

Saturday ride out was to Puerto Banus on the coast for lunch, after first having Breakfast in El Burgo then riding the fantastic mountain road from Algatocin via Jubrique and the cork forests and down to Estepona on the coast. Then a ride back using the A397 to Ronda road, which is amazing and often used for new bike and car launches.

Sunday ride-out was a late start after a heavy night in Teba town :), so a late lunch overlooking the lakes at Ardales, then through El Chorro and on to Almogia then onto El Torcal for an amazing view and a look at the famous rocks, see:

Monday was a shorter ride out to El Burgo for breakfast, then on to the viewpoint over the Red Mountains before riding the newly tarmacked A366 to Ronda (like a racetrack with views across the valleys) and on to Grazelama for a coffee. Then onto Marcus's favourite route anywhere: the mountain road from Grazalema to Zahara, an amazing mountain road where it is reputed that the final scene in the Italian Job was filmed: the bit with the coach hanging over the cliff. You come down the mountain road through tight hairpins, so keep your eyes on the road, and get a magnificent view of the lakes slowly getting larger as you wind your way down. Then lunch in Zahara overlooking the lakes before a proper blast on the fast-twisty roads past the lakes and back to Ronda before heading back to the villa before our flight home.

I addition to a memorable and very enjoyable long weekend, as TVML are regular visitors to Mark’s villa in Teba, Mark waived one of the brethren’s costs, so we could give a donation to a charity. The £230 for Ian’s stay was donated by TVML to the Wokingham Salvation Army where Clive works as a volunteer helping to run their new Employment Plus Job Club for local unemployed and homeless.

TVML 9885: www.berksonbikes Mark & Lindsay Comer (Teba):

Clive Hitchen WM - TVML No. 9885

2019-09 September Ride Out

Sunday September 1st to Weymouth & Portland

Report and or photos awaited....

2019-08 August Ride Out

Sunday August 4th to Short Ride

Report and or photos awaited....

2019-07 July Ride Out

Sunday July 7th to Stratford on Avon

Report and or photos awaited....

2019-06 June Ride Out

Sunday June 2nd to Cheddar Gorge

Report and or photos awaited....

2019-05 May Ride Out

Sunday May 12th to National Motorcycle Museum

Strange how despite a trip to the National Motorcycle Museum, our WM only came back with so many photos of ..... cars?

2019 05 12 012019 05 12 02

2019 05 12 032019 05 12 04

2019 05 12 052019 05 12 06

2019 05 12 072019 05 12 09

2019 05 12 082019 05 12 10

2019 05 12 112019 05 12 12

2019 05 12 132019 05 12 14

2019 05 12 15

2019-04 April Ride Out

Sunday May 7th to Middlewallop

Report and or photos awaited....

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